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Ice Cream Near Me

Searching for Amazing Soft Serve Ice Cream Near You?

Welcome to Magpies, home of some of the finest homemade soft serve ice cream, soft serve ice cream pies, and toppings. We offer these handcrafted, chef-inspired soft serve flavors from Magpies' three Los Angeles locations.

  • Soft Serve Dairy Options

    • Malted Milk Chocolate

    • Sweet Cream

    • Vietnamese Coffee

    • Peanut Butter Banana


  • Soft Serve Vegan - Almond Milk

    • Corn Almond


  • Soft Serve Vegan - Oat Milk

    • Chocolate Banana

    • Passion Fruit Orange

    • Toasted Sweet Rice


  • Soft Serve Vegan Made - Coconut Milk


Have a question for Rose or Warren at Magpies? Please give us a call (818)578-6732, online or by email.


Magpies soft serve ice cream and pies are available to order online for pickup or delivery.

Keep up with our new flavors and specials on Instagram, or check out our e-gift cards available online.

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